Cerebral Palsy Treatment

          Principles of stem cell treatment

         Cerebral Palsy, pengobatan stem sel Stem cells are a kind of multipotential cells of self-renew and self-replication, which under certain conditions can differentiate into many functional cells. Stem cells in treating cerebral palsy is by using the neurocytes and neurogliocytes of complete functions and structures to replace the damaged and necrotic neurocytes through intro-arterial intervention injection.

      Stem cell treatment is applicable to the following cases of cerebral palsy

          It is effective in treating the cerebral palsy of children and old patients. To the other types like spastic cerebral palsy, athetoid cerebral palsy and tremor cerebral palsy and muscle tension failure type of cerebral palsy, stem cells are also doing good effect.

      Treatment advantages

          Stem cell transplantation is a high-end clinical treatment of biotechnology, which features low-risk, fast reaction, painlessness, good treatment effectiveness and so on. Compared to surgery and medication, its advantage of biotechnology is remarkable.

      Remarkable treatment effect

          According to clinical statistics, 84.3% patients of cerebral palsy, after stem cell implantation, got the symptoms like logopathy and dyscinesia relieved in different extent. Most patients after taking 2 cycles of treatments, got improvement on related symptoms.

      It is safe and reliable

          Stem cells do not have side effect but hypoimmunity that they rarely develop immunologic rejection. The treatments is formed by minimally invasive technology which is non-operation, painless and effective.

          Medication is kind of expectant treatment in long term not only will cause drug resistance but also can increase burden of kidney. For surgery, it may get the risk of excessive loss of the blood, wound infection, limbs paralysis,immunologic rejection and so on.

      Extensive resource and applicability

          Adult stem cells widely exist in most organs of human body, such as bone marrow stem cells, peripheral blood stem cells,umbilical cord blood stem cells and so on. It is effective in treating the cerebral palsy of children and old people. To the other types like spasmatic cerebral palsy, athetoid cerebral palsy and tremor cerebral palsy and muscle tension failure type of cerebral palsy, stem cells also doing good effect.

          Medication only takes effect on some particular stages of children or the old patients of cerebral palsy, and surgery is the nearly the last choice without alternative.

      The process of stem cell transplantation

      The process of stem cell treatment includes pre-operative therapies, stem cell transplantation, post-operative therapies.

      Pre-operative therapies include

      Day 1, Hospitalization.Go through admission procedures

      Day 2, Examination.Finish related physical examination and lab tests to make sure the suitable stem cell transplant program

      Day 3~Day 6,Pre-operative therapies.Giving pre-operative treatments and physical conditioning according to the patient’s individual situation

      Stem cell transplantation

      Day 7, Stem cell transplantation via artery interventional infusion.Undergo stem cell transplantation under local anesthesia via artery interventional infusion

      Post-operative therapies

      Day 8 ~ day 9,Post-operative observation.Access every single efficacy index, arrange consolidated treatments

      Day 10, Discharge and review.Discharge procedures and follow-up order

      *Usually, it takes about 10 days for the whole treatment process, but the exact time varies from patient to patient according to their individual condition. For the sake of your health, a face to face consultation & evaluation with the doctor is suggested.

      The cost of treatment mainly depends on the patient's condition and treatment program.

      1. Different diseases require different types of stem cell transplantation and different amount of stem cells; that is, same disease at different stages or different courses may require different number of stem cells or different type of stem cell transplantation; there is no unified summarization.

      2. The cost of treatment mainly includes: costs of stem cell culture and transplantation, medical examination fees, hospitalization fee, cost of drugs (if necessary) for cooperating the treatment plan and rehabilitation therapy (if necessary) costs.

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